December Member Class + Office Hours

Wed 12/15 • 4:30 – 5:30pm CST

Virtual Class


A monthly live (virtual) class and casual chat for whatever YOU want to connect over for members at!

About this event:
Every month, members have access to this live class as time to practice together + stay afterwards to connect over "office hours."

Class is 45 minutes and rotates among yoga, mobility, strength and other bodyweight interval training.

December's class is a YOGA practice.

What are "office hours" with Maggie all about?

After class, I invite you to stay and chat, and/or ask any questions about your own movement practice!

I found in my own practice and workouts that I would come up with questions I wish I could ask in the moment, but during a group fitness setting it wasn't always the right time or place. So I wanted to carve out time for that with you! Bring any questions on your mind, or anything that comes up for you during our live class!

Plus, it's just a great time to stay connected with the community :) Can't wait to see you there!



Link will be emailed after booking