How to Create a Brand Experience That Converts

Last week, we welcomed Christie Evenson Design for our first community webinar: “How to Create a Brand Experience That Converts.” We’re so glad that many of you were able to join us for the live session, but in case you missed it, we’re sharing the biggest takeaways here. 

You can also listen to the full session if you scroll below.

Takeaway #1: A brand experience is how you make your clients feel.

Christie defines a brand experience as “how any interaction with your brand makes somebody feel.” A brand is a combination of story, tone, look & feel, messaging, experience, and so much more. These components can come to life anywhere - from your website to your content, and of course the actual experience that your clients have when they work with you.

First impressions are critical. In our digital world, it’s important that every channel where a client interacts with you is a consistent and impactful representation of your brand and what you offer.

An important step in defining your brand is defining your target audience. When you’ve identified your niche, you can speak directly to them. Thinking back to the person that you were when you fell in love with what you teach is a great way to ideate on who your perfect client is.

Takeaway #2: Quality of content > quantity of content.

Content is anything that adds value to your client’s life.

Determining the best type of content for your audience requires striking a balance between:

  • The type of content your audience wants to consume
  • The type of content you are most comfortable creating (and are thus most likely to commit to creating on a regular basis)

For example: if you hate to write, but love to be on camera - double down on Instagram stories and don’t worry so much about that blog post.

Takeaway #3: Eliminating friction is key to increasing conversions.

“Friction” is anything that stands in between a client and the action that they want to take. Friction can be clicks, typing in information, searching for things, technical issues, etc.

Seamless booking is particularly important. A few ways to make booking a breeze include:

  • Accessible and clear schedule on your website and in your Instagram link in bio
  • Real-time ability to book and pay (avoid “DM me for a link” which prevents the client from booking right away while they’re thinking about it)
  • Saved client login & payment info so that loyal clients can re-book in a single click (think back to the last time you were scrolling the Gram and wanted to buy something, but didn’t because you didn’t want to get off the couch and go get a credit card.)

Takeaway #4: A brand experience doesn’t stop at the end of class.

Creating sticky clients requires a combination of creating a brand experience that sets accurate expectations about your services and delivering on those expectations in a memorable way.

Your brand experience impacts what a client expects when they sign up for your services. The more specific and accurate that brand experience is, the higher the probability that they will leave class feeling like they got exactly the results that they expected.

Making the experience memorable also doesn’t stop at the end of class. Little details can go a long way - like a personalized thank you note, a community group chat, etc.

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