Stories That Stick

Hey fam!

Cheryl here. I recently wrapped up a fantastic book - Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall.

I went into the book with the intention to ideate on a few key stories for myself and for IndiFit:

  • Our value story - what problem are we solving and how do we bridge the gap between that problem and the value of our solution?
  • My founder story - my unique story that led me to starting this business 
  • Our purpose story - not just what we do, but the larger reason behind why we do it
  • Our customer stories - what are your stories and how do we fit in?

I found the book so thought provoking that I read it twice.

The second time, I picked it up with a different intention - to read the book again, but through the eyes of our partners:

  • Your value story - what problem do you solve for your clients?
  • Your founder story - what is the unique story that led you to start your fitness business?
  • Your purpose story - what is your “why” behind what you do every day?
  • Your customer stories - what stories do your clients have to tell and how do you fit in?

I started thinking back on what a big impact my favorite fitness instructors have had on my life - and how many of them may not even know it. Specific moments came to mind - like one time when I was so moved during a spin class that I cried a little in the safety of the complete darkness or the way that my favorite Tuesday Tabata class used to make me feel during a time in my career when I was “stuck” and unhappy.

It is so important to tell these stories.

Telling your clients a story (and learning theirs) is the difference between being transactional or transcendent. It’s the difference between selling services or creating community.

The best part? Treadmills don’t have stories. Buildings don’t have stories.

PEOPLE have stories.

And your ability to connect deeply with clients by telling those stories is your superpower.

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